10 Essential Tips for Visiting Sagrada Familia in the New Decade


Sagrada Familia, a remarkable UNESCO World Heritage site, continues to fascinate global tourists. In this detailed guide, we explore the charm of this iconic edifice and provide crucial suggestions for making your visit in the new decade memorable.

The Majestic History of Sagrada Familia

The roots of Sagrada Familia lie deep within Barcelona’s vibrant past. Initiated in 1882 by architect Francisco de Paula del Villar, its design fuses Gothic with curvilinear Art Nouveau styles. After Villar, the famed architect Antoni Gaudí took over, turning it into his crowning glory. Gaudí’s unique vision has remained the beacon for the cathedral’s ongoing construction, even after his demise in 1926.

The Exterior: A Showcase of Architectural Brilliance

The exterior of Sagrada Familia presents an elaborate display of design and symbolic elements. The Nativity façade, Passion façade, and Glory façade narrate distinct phases of Jesus Christ’s life – from birth to resurrection. These facades are embellished with a variety of sculptures and motifs that depict biblical narratives, making Sagrada Familia a visual representation of the Bible.

Experience the Interior of Sagrada Familia

Upon entering Sagrada Familia, one is met with a breathtaking view of the central nave. Gaudí’s expert craftsmanship and passion for nature are reflected in the tree-like pillars that reach towards the vaulted ceilings. The multi-colored stained glass windows project an enchanting play of light, fostering a sense of divine serenity.

Ascend the Towers: A Unique Perspective

Climbing the towers of Sagrada Familia offers a distinct viewpoint on this architectural wonder. The towers afford a sweeping view of Barcelona’s skyline, making it an essential experience for every tourist.

Visiting Sagrada Familia

The Museum and Schools: A Testament to Gaudí’s Humanitarian Spirit

The museum at Sagrada Familia features a comprehensive array of sketches, models, and photographs that document the church’s history and continuing construction. The Sagrada Familia Schools, established for the offspring of the workers engaged in the building process, showcase Gaudí’s humane side.

What to Expect When Visiting Sagrada Familia in the New Decade

The new decade brings enhanced experiences at Sagrada Familia with newly opened sections for public viewing. However, due to the ongoing global health crisis, certain safety protocols have been put in place for visitor welfare. It is highly advised to book tickets online in advance to avoid overcrowding and ensure a smooth visit.


Sagrada Familia is more than a tourist spot; it symbolizes unwavering human determination and divine inspiration. It’s a journey into a realm where art, spirituality, and nature intersect. As you plan your visit in the new decade, this guide will act as your roadmap into the mesmerizing world of Sagrada Familia.

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