5-Star Luxurious Comfort of the Edgewater Hotel: Your Exquisite Escape

The Pinnacle of Hospitality

Luxurious Comfort of the Edgewater Hotel awaits you within the bustling heart of an energized cityscape, offering views that meld urban vibrancy with serene waterfront vistas. This iconic sanctuary is celebrated for its regal charm, delivering exceptional experiences to all who pass through its grand entrances. Elevate your senses in a world where premier service and fine attention to every nuance create more than a guest stay—it crafts a distinguished haven.

From the moment you arrive, you’ll be enveloped by the Edgewater Hotel’s historical grandeur and contemporary luxury, a testament to its storied past and commitment to present-day opulence.

Sumptuous Accommodations

The accommodations at Edgewater redefine the concept of lavish lodgings. Within each space, modern flair intertwines with timeless elegance, providing an atmosphere that resonates with your individual tastes and preferences.

Distinguished Rooms

  • Deluxe Chambers: Sink into the enveloping luxury of our deluxe spaces, where high-end comforts meet meticulous design for your ultimate repose.
  • Splendid Superior Rooms: Experience grandeur with extra space for rest or socializing amid sumptuous seating and exquisite surroundings.

Exceptional Suites

  • Presidential Grand Suite: Our pièce de résistance, this suite embodies majestic living with sweeping views and an extravagant master bedroom.
  • Romantic Honeymoon Suite: Forge unforgettable moments in this enclave of love, furnished with a personal Jacuzzi and designed for intimate celebrations.

Luxurious Comfort of the Edgewater Hotel

Gastronomic Excellence

The Edgewater’s dining establishments are renowned for their gourmet offerings, led by illustrious chefs whose creations tempt the most discerning gourmands.

Epicurean Adventures

  • La Table Gourmet: A sensorial feast awaits at La Table, where each course weaves fresh local ingredients into culinary masterpieces.
  • Elevated Rooftop Indulgences: Revel in the skyline from The Rooftop, pairing fine wines with small plates in an exclusive atmosphere.

Relaxed Bites and Brews

  • Tranquil Garden Terrace: Embrace calm in the verdant oasis of the Garden Terrace, ideal for an unhurried meal or a refined afternoon tea.
  • Aromatic Brew & Bean Experience: Awaken your day at Brew & Bean with top-tier coffees and the delicate creations of our pastry artisans.

Wellness and Rejuvenation

Your wellness takes precedence at the Edgewater, where the facilities and activities revitalize your very essence.

Sanctuary Spa Retreats

Immerse yourself in The Spa at Edgewater’s peaceful haven, offering a plethora of treatments to soothe and pamper with luxurious natural products.

Vigorous Fitness and Leisure

  • State-of-the-Art Fitness Domain: Maintain your health regimen in our advanced fitness center, outfitted with cutting-edge gear.
  • Inviting Outdoor Pool: Engage in tranquil leisure at our heated pool, a hidden urban gem granting respite from the city’s pulse.

Elite Business and Event Services

For corporate visitors and event planners, the Edgewater excels, presenting avant-garde venues and tailored services.

Exclusive Business Lounges

  • Executive Lounge Privileges: Network and conduct business in our Executive Lounge, furnished with every amenity required by today’s professionals.
  • Advanced Conference Spaces: Each meeting is destined for success in our adaptable conference rooms, boasting top-tier technological support.

Venues for Celebratory Gatherings

  • Majestic Ballrooms: Our ballrooms set the stage for elegant weddings and events, curated with a touch of sophistication.
  • Intimate Dining Chambers: Arrange private functions within our exquisite dining rooms, complemented by our extraordinary culinary delights.

Discover the City’s Best

Step outside the comfort of the Edgewater to engage with the city’s rich tapestry of cultural hubs, entertainment haunts, and retail havens.

Artistic and Theatrical Flourishes

  • Celebrated Art Museums: Encounter artistic marvels at nearby galleries, spanning the historical to the avant-garde.
  • Dynamic Theater District: Be captivated by electrifying live shows, mere moments away from the hotel’s refuge.

Shopping Sprees and Vibrant Evenings

  • Chic Designer Boutiques: Surrender to the call of high fashion in the exclusive stores neighboring the Edgewater.
  • Pulsating Nightlife Venues: Plunge into the night’s rhythm with a diverse array of nocturnal establishments.

A Summons to Splendor

Welcoming splendor at Spring Hills Suites, the definitive hotel experience, serves as a beckon for those who value the artistry of fine living. We cordially extend an invitation for you to immerse yourself in the grandeur and grace that is the Edgewater Hotel. Reserve your passage and embark on a journey steeped in luxury, solace, and indelible impressions.

Seize the opportunity to craft memories at the Edgewater Hotel, where every guest’s story is etched with distinction and every visit is an excursion into the extraordinary.

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